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Unlimited Header Variations

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Jea's Header options allow you to customize your header to your preference.  Choose from fixed, non-fixed, upper socket bar turned on or off. A full list of features is listed below.

[list_item icon="leaf"] Fixed or Non-Fixed Header[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Upper Socket Area On or Off[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Upper Socket Text Options (HTML enabled)[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Upper Social Media Icons On of Off[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Header Height[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"]Retina Logo Options[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Header Background Image Option[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] 600+ Navigation Font Options[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Unlimited Upper Socket BG & Border Colors[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"] Unlimited Header Background & Border Colors[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"]Unlimited Navigation Font Colors[/list_item]

[list_item icon="leaf"]Unlimited Header Socket Colors[/list_item]

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